About Us

Wouman Solar is a supplier of alternative energy products, specialising in fuel and solar energy generation. 

About us

Using Innovative And Natural Ways For Energy

We strive to become a leading supplier of alternative energy solutions. By becoming completely eco friendly, we aim to help protect the earth and conserve natural resources. We endeavour to educate the greater population to implement energy saving systems in their homes and businesses.

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WHO ARE wouman solar

Helping Companies & Individuals With Solar Solutions

At Wouman, we stand as a trailblazing solar company, propelled by our unwavering commitment to carve out a sustainable future. With a profound belief in the potential of clean energy, we channel our passion and expertise into pioneering solutions that harness the boundless power of the sun.

Guided by a vision of a greener planet and fueled by a determination to make a lasting impact, we’re not just shaping the future – we’re illuminating it with the brilliance of solar innovation.

Our Mission is to supply quality products, and provide excellent installation and back-up services.

Our Company Guarantees

Residential Use

We offer UPS backup systems, grid tied units and grid tie with battery backup, as well as solar geysers.

Commercial Use

We offer large scale grid tie systems and UPS backup for office use, as well as solar geysers.

List of Products

Solar Panels, Solar Geysers, Inverters, Solar Borehole Pumps, VSD Drives, Lithium Iron Batteries, Breakers, Fuses, Cables and COC Documents.


We do installations or we can assist on installations of our products.

Backup Services

Only a call out fee will be charged, if your product is still under warranty. Once your warranty has expired we will assess and quote as per the assessment.


Our installation works carry a 1 year installation warranty. Our products carry a manufacturer guarantee as stipulated by the manufacturer.

Areas Serviced

Southern Africa and neighbouring countries.

Customised Designs

We create tailored made solutions based on your specific energy usage and needs.


We are based in the Freestate & Gauteng, and just a phone call away, backed with technical expertise to make sure you are getting the most from your system.

Brands you can trust

Products we use:

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